Shirwell Mission Community

Details of Services

Church Of England Services

Services in the Shirwell Mission Community usually follow a set format (known in the Church of England as liturgy). These are laid out in books that guide the Minister and the congregation.

There are two books that are in common use, the Book of Common Prayer, and Common Worship.

All our services last about one hour, and contain four hymns or songs.

The Book of Common Prayer (BCP) was first printed in 1549 The current version appeared in 1662, although spelling and some grammer has been updated, it remains in common use today.

Common Worship was introduced in 2005, as an alternative to the book of Common Prayer. It provides the same range of services with contemporary wording, and offering a range of alternative prayers etc.

Which book?

To simplify matters we have put together our own service book which is used in all eight churches in the Mission Community. This book contains six services from The Book of Common Prayer and Common Worship.

Most of the services that we use are taken from Common Worship In the listings of services you might see the initials BCP; for example Holy Communion (BCP). The first means that the service will follow the pattern laid out in in the Book of Common Prayer.

The only exception to this is at Bratton Fleming, where the service of Holy Communion on the third Sunday of each month is taken from the Methodist Service Book. This is because it is a joint Anglican-Methodist Church, where the service on the third Sunday is led by a Methodist Minister. In reality the service is very similar to Common Worship.

Holy Communion

This is the most significant of the regular services and are always led by an ordained minister. The service celebrates the Last Supper where Jesus Christ shared bread and wine with his disciples shortly before being crucified. Those who have been Confirmed approach the altar and receive consecrated bread and a sip of wine. Others are welcome at the service and can receive a blessing instead of the bread and wine, or remain seated.

Morning Prayer and Morning Worship

These services include hymns, readings, psalms, and prayers. The service  can be led by an ordained minister, or an authorised member of the congregation.